Photo credit: Jessica Myers |

Photo credit: Jessica Myers |

Embrace YOUR UnNormal!

Perhaps you have noticed a behavior change, or you just got a mental health diagnosis. Your relationship with your child feels broken, out of control, and you are at your wits end. Now what?

We coach you using a model utilizing the experience of others that have navigated the world of mental health challenges, and support you during an often isolating and confusing time. We create custom strategies that fit your families needs, and arm you with the tools you’ll need to survive your new life. We work with you accomplish tasks like: 

·  Create a family mission statement & get clear on your values ·   Understand your child’s behavior and focus on how you can help them build skills for success ·  How to become your child’s advocate in all aspects of life · Create new habits around your parenting style · Develop a roadmap to target your child’s needs and create obtainable goals · Support you as the caregiver during what can often be a lonely time navigating mental illness

Let us help you design the relationship you want to have with your child suffering with their mental health, click here to book a discovery call today to see our 6 week Being UnNormal Bootcamp is right for you!