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Kimberly Berry is the founder of Being UnNormal, a coaching and advocacy group that assists people navigate the world of mental health. She is also the host of the podcast Being UnNormal which explores issues within the mental health community including children’s mental health issues. Kimberly is a sought after public speaker, and coaches individuals on subjects such as personal & professional development, with an emphasis on parenting children with behavioral health special needs. She is the producer of the Adolescent Mental Health Summit which takes place in Camas, Washington tackling tough subjects like suicide and depression.

Her passion for mental health began early in her life watching the people in her life suffer from trauma, abuse, depression, addiction, and suiciduality. However it was not until her children experienced a mental health crisis that she fully understood the need for outreach and resources, which created a call to action. Now Kimberly has worked with thousands of people worldwide to help them uncover their beliefs and biases about mental health so those individuals can feel more empowered in a time when things feel out of their control.

Kimberly brings with her over 20 years of corporate, non-profit, leadership, and small business experience to the table. Additionally, Kimberly also founded Project Holiday Hope, which serves low income families in mental health crisis by providing gifts and basic needs support during the holiday season. Last year the project was able to provide over 500 gifts to families in Clark County which would of have not been able to celebrate Christmas otherwise. She is a mother to 2 beautiful children, 1 dog, and 2 guinea pigs.

Kimberly Berry, Founder