Welcome to Being UnNormal


Perhaps your struggling with depression, or someone you love suffers from anxiety. Maybe you have thought about killing yourself, or someone you know has attempted suicide. Now what?

Welcome to Being UnNormal. Our mission is simple: Expose, Educate, Empower. We work with individuals or groups to expose your beliefs about mental health, educate you on the reality, which will empower you to find recovery or hope in hard times. Join us in the Being UnNormal movement…….

We provide coaching and advocacy services to people looking to discover and embrace their “UnNormal”. We have 1:1 coaching services, workshops, webinars, and a podcast series designed to give you tools and strategies for the next phase of your life.

Like what you hear so far? Just keep scrolling…….

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Being Unnormal Coaching services

We have worked with thousands of people to help them breakthrough their barriers that prevent them from having the best relationships with themselves, their partners, and their children.

We work with individuals one on one to map strategies and set goals that help them understand themselves, break belief barriers, and set sustainable goals that actually shift your life forward.

We created a six week program designed to help parents of children with behavioral health struggles. We work with you one on one to create customized strategies to rebuild your relationship with your child and strengthen your family.


Project Holiday hope

This holiday season we will be recruiting Santa’s for our third year of Project Holiday Hope. Last year we were able to raise over $12,000 in gifts and donations for low income families in mental health crisis. Without you, can could never make this happen. Find out more about becoming Santa for a family this Christmas.

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A podcast series with a focus on a variety of mental health topics designed to educate and empower you. A resource and guide for anyone seeking help with mental health issue in themselves or a loved one.